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Control Systems Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing

Closed-Loop Testing of Electric Power Control Systems Since 2002

Control Systems HIL Testing

Test your systems before they arrive to your site with the HIL Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS). SEL modeling experts validate power system models with data collected from the field. Validated models confirm that the simulated response to a disturbance or event reasonably matches the measured response to a similar disturbance. Incorporating these models with HIL testing demonstrates the performance of the control scheme as well as its effect on the power system. HIL testing can test scenarios that would be too risky or impossible to field-test. With this type of testing, there is no worry about damaging power system assets or affecting customers. The results of these tests provide the necessary proof and confidence that the solution will maintain system stability.

Key Testing and Validation Offerings

  • Photovoltaic (PV) control systems
  • Battery control systems
  • Wind farm control systems
  • Conventional generation control systems
  • Steam control systems
  • Autosynchronization schemes
  • Load-shedding schemes
  • Generation-shedding and runback schemes
  • Islanding detection and decoupling schemes
  • Remedial action schemes
  • Fast motor bus transfer schemes

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TDX was excited about the opportunity to work with SEL on our microgrid development project, but we have been overwhelmed by the expertise, professionalism, capability, and friendliness of the entire organization. They have exceeded our expectations. The RTDS test environment and race car drivers [SPS engineers] who put it through its paces provided one of the richest succinct learning experiences in my professional career.

Jito Coleman, Program Manager/Business Advisor   


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