Arc-Flash Studies

Hire SEL Experts to Determine Incident Energy Levels and Design an SEL Solution

SEL modeling experts create complete fault studies and reports on incident energy levels. Once high-danger locations are identified, SEL Engineering Services experts can provide designs to reduce your incident energy levels using SEL-patented arc-flash technology. 

Key Offerings

  • Incident energy determinations
  • Personnel safety
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) determinations
  • Mitigation studies
  • Field surveys

Service Offerings

Arc-Flash Solutions

SEL combines light-sensing technology with fast overcurrent protection to provide high-speed arc-flash detection (AFD). Combining these technologies allows high-speed tripping during arc-flash events without overtripping for external faults.

Reduce Arc-Flash Hazards

To validate the arc-flash detection performance of the SEL-751 and SEL 849 Relays, a series of tests were performed at a high-current laboratory. This video shows the difference in arc-flash intensity with and without SEL arc-flash protection.

motorMAX Low-Voltage Motor Management and Protection System

motorMAX is the SEL smart motor control system for low-voltage motor control centers (MCCs). This scalable system includes protective relays, managed network switches, real-time automation controllers (RTACs), precise time sources, and machine interfaces for local and remote visualization and control. 

motorMAX Arc-Flash Demonstration: Motor Management and Protection

To validate the arc-flash detection performance of the motorMAX Low-Voltage Motor Management and Protection System, SEL performed a series of tests at a high-current laboratory.

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