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SEL USB Driver

This driver enables USB communication between Windows computers and SEL USB ports for the following devices:

  • SEL-2440
  • SEL-3031
  • SEL-C662
  • SEL-C667
  • SEL-3021
  • SEL-9192
  • SEL-T4287

Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure C662 cables are not plugged in.
  2. Download and open the USB driver.
  3. Click Yes when prompted to install the driver.
  4. Click Next after installation.
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. Plug in the C662 cable.
  7. Wait for the PC to finish the installation.
  8. To see new COM port assignment, open Device Manager and expand Ports.
For 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 operating systems. (Multi-language support)

Version R6.7.5
Size 3.58 MB
Date Code 20180515

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For 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP operating systems. (Multi-language Support)

Version R6.6.0.0
Size 3.56 MB
Date Code 20130215

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SEL-3354 Device Driver and System Software

The SEL-3354 requires device drivers and software to be installed on the operating system in order for the devices, such as Ethernet, video, and audio devices, and the system Watchdog to function. Products shipped from the factory with an operating system installed already include all necessary drivers and software. Use the downloads below when installing your own operating system or to update existing software and drivers on your SEL-3354.

SEL-3354 Drivers and Software, All

This package contains all SEL-3354 device drivers and software that are included on the DVD that is included with the SEL-3354 in the factory packaging. Windows XP, 7, and Server 2008R2 are fully supported, and some versions of Linux are also supported. Contact SEL if you have questions about support for a specific operating system. 

Size 204.88 MB
Date Code 20160721

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SEL-3354 IRIG Driver

This package contains the installation files for the SEL-3354 IRIG Driver.

Size 58.93 MB
Date Code 20160715


  • Addressed issue which in previous version caused the date to incorrectly be set to March 1st instead of February 29th of a leap year.
  • Modified IRIG device properties page in Windows 7 Device Manager to properly change settings without causing a system restart.
  • IRIG driver now prevents the year from being set incorrectly to 2000 when an IRIG-B002 source is connected.
  • Enhanced IRIG driver to include 64-bit Windows device properties page Settings tab.

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SEL-3600 USB Driver

Use the built-in front USB Port to connect locally with the Ethernet Security Gateway.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the archive to a location on your computer.
  2. Connect the USB A-to-B cable to your computer and an SEL-36XX.
  3. Go to the Device Manager and find the device. Right click and select "Update Driver Software."
  4. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software in the pop-up window.
  5. Browse to the folder that you saved the archive contents to and select that folder. Click "Next."
  6. Click "Install" when prompted.
  7. Once the installer finishes you will see "SEL USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget" under Network Adapters in the Device Manager.
For Windows 7, and Windows 10 operating systems.

Version 1.0
Size 8.00 kB
Date Code 20170228

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acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software

acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software is a tool for engineers and technicians to quickly and easily configure, commission, and manage devices for power system protection, control, metering, and monitoring. QuickSet Device Manager, included as a free, optional expansion pack, provides additional device management, control, and versioning capabilities.

Full Install

Size 1.14 GB
Date Code 20220307

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