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SEL-5801 Cable Selector

Quickly and easily select proper SEL cables for your various applications. The SEL-5801 Cable Selector helps you select the right cable, with a user interface and database of standard SEL cables. The Cable Selector is available as a free download.

Full Install

Size 5.56 MB
Date Code 20191210

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SEL RxTx BLUETOOTH Application for Mobile Devices

This App allows mobile devices to use BLUETOOTH communications technology to communicate with SEL-2924 Portable BLUETOOTH Serial Adapters and SEL-2925 BLUETOOTH Serial Adapters, that are in turn connected to the serial ports of host devices.


Example host devices include (but are not limited to) meters, protective relays, real-time automation controllers, programmable automation controllers, recloser controls, capacitor bank controls, voltage regulator controls, control computers, annunciators, programmable logic controllers, valve controls, spillgate controllers, security gate systems, building control and security systems, HVAC systems, and more.

SEL RxTx for Android 2.1 and higher

Size 126.35 kB
Date Code 20121009

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SEL RxTx for Blackberry OS 7.x

Size 56.65 kB
Date Code 20121009

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