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SEL Virtual Port Software

Transform unsecured serial or legacy Ethernet communications on Windows computers to cryptographically secure channels by using SEL-5827 Virtual Connect Client or SEL-5828 Virtual Port Service Software. These applications are provided free by SEL to make remote SEL-3620 Ethernet Security Gateway ports available for existing software and terminal applications on your PC, including those using Modbus TCP/RTU.


The SEL Virtual Port Software family includes the following applications:

  • SEL-5827 Virtual Connect Client—Create a temporary serial COM port or Ethernet TCP port for engineering access applications with the SEL-3620 and SEL-3622 Security Gateways.
  • SEL-5828 Virtual Port Service—Create multiple persistent serial COM ports or Ethernet TCP ports for automation applications.
SEL-5828 Virtual Port Service

  • Create up to 128 persistent virtual COM ports and/or virtual TCP ports on a Windows PC, and send serial data over Raw TCP, Telnet, and Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) Ethernet protocols.
  • Use DSA or RSA 1024-bit encryption with SSH to ensure confidentiality and authenticity for serial or Ethernet data.
  • Quickly create virtual serial or Ethernet ports with a simple user interface.
Size 3.12 MB
Date Code 20190226

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SEL-5827 Virtual Connect Client

  • Enhance the communications security of existing engineering access software solutions, such as SEL-5010 Relay Assistant Software, SEL-5020 Settings Assistant Software, and GE EnerVista™ software by converting serial and unencrypted TCP data to SSH.
  • Run on isolated SEL computers—SEL virtual port software does not connect to the Internet or require a license to run.
  • Back up virtual port configurations for quick commissioning of new computers and redundancy.
  • Use the built-in terminal window to interact with remote devices’ command-line interface.
Size 3.49 MB
Date Code 20160913

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