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eINTRO T401L: Introduction to SEL-T401L Ultra-High-Speed Line Relay

PDHs: 6

Course Base Fees: $330*
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Course Information

This course introduces students to the SEL-T401L Ultra-High-Speed Line Relay. Students will learn about the functionality, protection capabilities, and applications of the relay that will help when designing schemes and deploying the relay in the field. They will also learn the fundamentals of how to apply and set the SEL-T401L.

This is a 6-hour, self-paced eLearning course. eLearning licenses will expire one year from the purchase date.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs) will be available once the final test is passed and the evaluation has been completed (or a two-week expiration period has passed). A link to the certificate will appear next to the course once both pieces are complete.


This course is designed for engineers or technicians who have a basic understanding of relay functions, applications, and power system protection.


  • SEL-T401L Overview
  • Basic Communications
  • Time-Domain and Phasor-Based Protection
  • PILOT Protection
  • Overcurrent and Voltage Elements
  • Applications
  • Additional Functions: Fault Locating, ARC Logic, Line Monitoring, and DFR

Course Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, students can:

  • Identify the protection functions available in the SEL-T401L and how they are applied in the protection schemes.
  • Indicate available port connections and protocols to establish communications.
  • Specify the applications and hardware interfaces available in the SEL-T401L.
  • Identify relay capabilities that are not related to protection functions.

Student Background and Knowledge

Before you attend this class, we recommend that you have a basic understanding of relays, functions, applications, and power system protection.

Available Courses


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Course Preparation

Before you attend this course, we recommend that you complete CBT 101: Introduction to SEL Relays, complete PROT 401: Protecting Power Systems for Engineers, and PROT 415: Time-Domain Line Protection.

Additional information is on the Course Policies and FAQ pages.