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APP T400L: SEL-T400L Time-Domain Line Protection


    This course is intended for utility transmission protection engineers, electrical technicians, and power system consultants who want to understand the protection principles, logic, and testing of the new SEL-T400L Time-Domain Line Protection in detail.

    APP T400L covers traveling-wave protection concepts with hands-on application where you will learn about the relay’s protection and fault-locating functions. You will also complete hands-on exercises to configure, set, and test the relay.


    Day 1

    • SEL-T400L Overview
    • Setting Guidelines
    • Example One-Line Diagram and Parameters: Two-Terminal, 525 kV Line
    • Hands-On Exercise: Configuring the SEL-T400L Relay and Calculating and Applying Settings
    • Arming, Starting, and Fault-Type Identification Logic
    • Introduction to Incremental Quantities
    • TD32 Directional Element Logic
    • TD21 Incremental-Quantity Distance Element
    • Overcurrent Supervision Elements

    Day 2

    • Testing and Commissioning Incremental-Quantity Elements TD21 and TD32 (includes hands-on exercise)
    • Introduction to Traveling Waves
    • TW32 Directional Element
    • Testing Traveling-Wave Directional Element (includes hands-on exercise)
    • TW87 Scheme Logic
    • Testing the Traveling-Wave Differential Scheme (includes hands-on exercise)
    • POTT, DTT, and Trip Logic

    Day 3

    • Fault-Locating Methods
    • Event Analysis Using synchroWAVe Event Software
    • Hands-On Exercise: Configuring the SEL-T400L for Single-Pole Tripping, Reclose Initiate, and Breaker Failure Initiate
    • Applications

    Course Objectives

    At the conclusion of this course, students can:

    • Apply the SEL-T400L time-domain protection elements.
    • Explain the SEL-T400L signal processing.
    • Configure the SEL-T400L incremental-quantity protection elements.
    • Configure the SEL-T400L traveling-wave protection elements.
    • Calculate, apply, and test settings for the SEL-T400L.
    • Configure the SEL-T400L traveling-wave fault-locating function.
    Course Information
    Course Base Fees: $USD950*

    CEUs: 1.4
    Available Courses
    Pullman, Washington, USA
    August 27–29, 2019

    SEL Event Center
    1825 Schweitzer Dr, Nikola Tesla Rm
    Pullman, Washington 99163

    Additional Information:
    8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. each day 

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    Residence Inn by Marriott Pullman 
    1255 NE North Fairway Rd 
    Pullman, WA 99163 

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pullman
    1190 SE Bishop Blvd 
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    Best Western Plus University Inn 
    1516 W Pullman Rd 
    Moscow, ID 83843 

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    Course Requirements


    Before you attend this class, you must meet the following requirements:

    Completion of CBT 101: Introduction to SEL Relays

    Course Preparation

    Please check the General Course Information page for what you should bring to class. In addition, please make sure that the laptop you bring to class has the following software/features: