APP 700G: SEL-700G Generator Protection Relay

Course Length: 2 Days (PDHs: 15)
Course Based Fees: $1,000*
* Plus Applicable Tax


This course provides hands-on application examples and step-by-step settings guidance for the SEL-700G Generator Protection Relay. This activity-based course includes applying simplified calculation methods and recommendations, and using data from real-world generator examples to develop protection settings. Students (in groups of two) will work directly with an SEL‑700G Generator Protection Relay to configure system data and determine protection settings.


This course is designed for utility and industrial protection engineers and power system consultants.


Day 1

  • Product Overview
  • Differential (87) Element Settings
  • Stator Ground (64G) Element Settings
  • Field Ground (64F) Element Settings
  • Negative-Sequence Current Unbalance (46) Element Settings
  • Overexcitation Volts/Hertz (24C) Element Settings

Day 2

  • Synchronism-Check (25C) Element Settings
  • Loss-of-Field (40) Element Settings
  • Restricted Earth Fault (REF) Element Settings
  • Optional: Ground Differential (87N) Element Settings
  • Neutral Time-Overcurrent (51N) Element Settings
  • Optional: Voltage-Restraint Time-Overcurrent (51V) Element Settings
  • Reverse Power (32) Element Settings
  • Event Report Retrieval and Analysis

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, students can:

  • Use acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software to read and send settings to the relay.
  • Enter system and generator data into configuration software.
  • Set two-zone stator and field (rotor) ground detection schemes.
  • Determine effective settings for differential, current unbalance, overexcitation, and loss-of-field protection.
  • Protect small generators and large (387 MVA, 22 kV) unit-connected generation systems.
  • Synchronize generator-breaker close operations.
  • Verify relay tripping and protection for various faults and abnormal conditions.
  • Apply IEEE standards and formulas to determine a range of protection settings.

Student Background and Knowledge

Before you attend this class, we recommend that you:

Course Preparation

Install or update the following software/files on the laptop you are bringing to class:

Please ensure that your laptop does not have any installation blocks before you come to class.

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