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Power management solutions maintain grid stability while offering flexibility that reduces operating expenses and meets ever-changing system demands. SEL systems include comprehensive generation and load management with relays, logic, and control systems.

Situational Awareness

Concentrate and archive phasor data and increase grid safety and reliability through situational awareness using high-resolution time-series data, real-time analytics, and contextual geographic information system location information.

Event Collection and Analysis Software

This software collects and analyzes relay event records from protective relays during an event and archives the records so they are available as soon as an operator or engineer needs to determine the fault location or root cause of a disturbance.

Engineering Services

Designed by SEL Engineering Services experts, an SEL powerMAX Power Management and Control System is an integrated system composed of scalable relay and control hardware, software, and logic processing.

System Components

These components allow the accurate, reliable, and high-speed communications required to implement a transmission power management solution.