Secondary Market Policy

SEL’s mission is to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical. We invent, design, and build products that deliver exceptional value as they protect power grids and other critical infrastructure around the world. We warrant our products for ten years and design them to last decades. Painstaking attention to detail and to the security and trustworthiness of our supply chain enables us to maintain an exceptional level of reliability. Because we cannot ensure the integrity of products obtained from online auction services, industrial salvage companies, or other unofficial sales channels, we do not support, furnish updates for, or repair new or used products purchased from these resellers.

SEL products should be purchased directly from SEL or from SEL distributors. The transfer of an SEL product to another end user requires written pretransfer approval from SEL. The transfer process is explained in detail in the SEL Terms and Conditions agreement. If you have additional questions about purchasing an SEL product, please contact our sales team .