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SEL’s new falling conductor mitigation solution

SEL recently released a new broken conductor mitigation solution, which detects breaks in overhead distribution lines and de-energizes them before they hit the ground, preventing wildfires and other hazards. This falling conductor mitigation solution was developed in collaboration with San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) and Quanta Technology.

The solution is based on specialized algorithms implemented in SEL Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTACs), field devices streaming synchrophasor data, and high-speed communications. By continuously analyzing phasor data in real time, the RTAC can reliably identify conductor breaks and send commands to trip the affected section within fractions of a second. With simple template-based settings, this solution can easily be adapted and expanded for additional feeders and phasor measurement units (PMUs).

Visit our new webpage to learn more about SEL’s falling conductor mitigation solution, including related publications coauthored by SEL, SDG&E, Quanta and Anterix.