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SEL introduces new approach for substation time synchronization

SEL has released a new precise timing solution using the SEL ICON that is distributed via WAN to reduce the impact of localized GPS outages. This new approach is enabled through the ICON Enhanced Protected Line Module (EPLM), released March 12, which supports IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Telecom input for WAN-based time synchronization over packet-based transports.

The ICON solution delivers a robust, reliable foundation for a utility’s critical applications through network-distributed time synchronization and real-time, system-wide status monitoring. Rather than relying on individual time references from each substation’s GPS clock, the ICON distributes a single, primary time source to substation IEDs via the necessary profiles (PTP Telecom input and IRIG-B/PTP Power Profile output) over the existing WAN.

GPS or IRIG-B from a local clock (such as the SEL-2488 Satellite-Synchronized Network Clock) can be used as a backup timing source in each site. By comparing each time reference to a weighted average, the ICON can determine if a source has been compromised and then alert the user from within the SEL-5051/5052 Client/Server Network Management System (NMS) Software. The compromised source is rejected automatically, ensuring the ICON consistently delivers the highest quality time reference to each substation device.

To learn more about the solution’s innovative functions and benefits, visit the SEL ICON time synchronization landing page.