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COVID-19 Vaccination Information - Washington

Information for your upcoming Washington COVID-19 vaccination

(subject to vaccine availability)

Below you will find links to information about the COVID-19 vaccines as well as a event registration form.  

In order to help us keep the vaccination process running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please print and fill out the event registration form prior to your appointment and bring the printed, completed screening form to your vaccination appointment. (NOTE: This form will also be available onsite.) 

Please also review the EUA fact sheet for the vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) you are scheduled to receive. You do not need to sign this fact sheet or print/bring a copy of the fact sheet to the vaccination site.  

If this is your booster appointment, remember to bring your CDC Vaccination Record Card to the appointment. You will receive this card at the time of your first COVID-19 vaccination.

Consider enrolling in the V-Safe program after you receive your vaccination at



If you have any questions about this process, please contact your medical provider.

If you have any questions about your appointment, please call SEL Vaccine Clinic Hotline at (509) 592-4784.