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System Modeling and Studies

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing and Engineering Studies


SEL provides HIL testing services for protection and control systems associated with the electric power industry. SEL maintains a large model power system laboratory in Pullman, Washington. This facility contains a large number of Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) racks used exclusively for HIL testing of SEL protection and control systems. This provides factory testing of protection and control systems under realistic conditions.  

SEL also provides custom modeling, analysis, and reports for the electric power industry. Using simpler tools like those from SKM and ETAP, SEL also provides engineering studies, including relay coordination studies, relay settings reports, stability margin reports, and more.

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Key Offerings

  • HIL testing of protection and control systems
  • Customer-attended factory acceptance Testing
  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Customized first principle models as required
  • Event analysis
  • Protection coordination and settings studies
  • Stability analysis
  • Power quality and harmonic analysis
  • Motor-starting studies
  • Equipment-sizing reports

Service Offerings

Control Systems HIL Testing

Control Systems HIL Testing

Test your systems before they arrive to your site with the HIL Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS). SEL modeling experts validate power system models with data collected from the field. 

System Modeling

Protection HIL Testing

Improve power system performance in critical applications, validate protective relay performance, and optimize relay settings at our model power system testing laboratory. 

Arc-Flash Studies

Arc-Flash Studies

SEL modeling experts create complete fault studies and reports on incident energy levels.