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System Modeling

Endless Possibilities for Testing Protection and Control Systems Under Realistic Conditions

System Modeling

Improve power system performance in critical applications, validate relay performance, and optimize settings using model power system testing. SEL creates a computer model of your power system, enabling endless possibilities for testing protection and control systems under realistic conditions using a Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS). A typical simulation of 500–1,000 fault cases can be run in less than 24 hours providing the equivalent of many years of operating history, which allows you to gain insight into the limits of your system.

Closed-Loop Testing and Validation Solutions

  • Series Compensation
  • Single-Pole-Trip (SPT)
  • Communications-Assisted Schemes
  • Autosynchronization Schemes
  • Transformer Inrush Studies
  • Load Shedding Schemes
  • Machine Parameter Estimation
  • Generation Shedding and Runback Schemes
  • Generation Control Schemes—Voltage and Frequency
  • Islanding Detection and Decoupling Schemes
  • Remedial Action Schemes
  • Fast Motor Bus Transfer Schemes

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TDX was excited about the opportunity to work with SEL on our microgrid development project, but we have been overwhelmed by the expertise, professionalism, capability, and friendliness of the entire organization. They have exceeded our expectations. The RTDS test environment and race car drivers [SPS engineers] who put it through its paces, provided one of the richest succinct learning experiences in my professional career.

Jito Coleman, Program Manager/Business Advisor

Thank you, SEL team, for the successful RTDS testing. It turned out better than expected, identifying and fixing several relay setting problems on four 500 kV lines faster than we anticipated.

Jeff Sams
Arizona Public Service Company


Power System Modeling

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Power System Modeling


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