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Expand Archiving Capability With External Archives

A disturbance recording solution should provide sufficient versatility to allow easy integration with existing network infrastructure components, such as shared network storage and external hard drives. This issue of The Synchrophasor Report focuses on a new enhancement to SEL-5073 synchroWAVe Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) Software that is sure to expand how and where your synchrophasor data are archived.

Introducing External Archives

With the R115 release of the SEL-5073, we set out to provide the most versatile solution available by reinventing the way archived data are collected and managed. With the new external archive option, we fully integrated the concept of archive generation and publishing into the PDC service itself. This streamlined approach enables capabilities not previously possible.

Added flexibility with external archives

Fig. 1. Added flexibility with external archives.

Next we'll look at examples of external archives in action.

Increased Storage Using an External Hard Drive

Perhaps your disturbance recording system requires some additional storage capacity. The SEL-5073 configured with an external archive is a quick and simple way to leverage a USB hard drive for additional synchrophasor data storage.

Configure an external archive

Fig. 2. Configure an external archive to automatically publish data to an external hard drive.

Customizable Data Sharing

Let’s say Susan and Dave both need to access synchrophasor data from the SEL-5073 in a convenient, easy-to-use format, but, for security reasons, Dave only has permissions to access data from the East_Station phasor measurement unit (PMU) and Susan only has permissions to access data from the West_Station PMU. With two external archives, the solution is simple: each external archive can have a unique set of data as well as a unique destination for the data.

Manage data sharing

Fig. 3. Manage data sharing.

PDC Assistant Software makes it easy to configure a versatile data management and sharing solution. Shown in Figure 4, we’ve created a new archive for Dave, pointed it at his computer, limited the amount of data to one day’s worth, and selected only tags from the East_Station source.

Configure SEL-5073 Software for flexible data sharing

Fig. 4. Configure SEL-5073 Software for flexible data sharing.


With the addition of external archives, SEL-5073 synchroWAVe PDC Software provides operators and engineers with more flexible archiving options than ever before. 

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