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Cybersecurity Services

SFCI Professional security services

The SEL Engineering Services (ES) Cybersecurity team provides industry-leading operational technology (OT) experts to support your projects. Our accredited engineers can provide system designs, compliance audits, site assessments, vulnerability assessments, and more. SEL cybersecurity teams design high-availability networked systems with microsecond messaging latencies and millisecond network healing times. These systems commonly achieve a mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 100 years with SEL hardened network and security devices. Involving our cybersecurity teams early in the design stage ensures a secure and compliant solution. 

Key Offerings

  • NERC CIP, RMF, and NIST compliance audits
  • Accredited engineers
  • OT experts
  • Configuration baseline services
  • Site vulnerability assessments
  • Policy, plan, and procedure development
  • Network security device configuration
  • Network design and documentation
  • Update and patch management
  • Access control and authentication solutions
  • Access monitoring solutions

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Service Offerings

Configuration Management and Vulnerability Assessments for NERC CIP Version 5-010

Our team helps power utilities meet this requirement by going into their substation and helping them create a configuration baseline as well as assessing their vulnerability.

Cybersecurity Information Protection for NERC CIP Version 5-011

NERC CIP-005-011 Requirement 1.3 states that a company must, “At least once every calendar year, not to exceed 15 months between assessments, assess adherence to its BES Cyber System Information protection program, document the assessment results, and implement an action plan to remediate deficiencies identified during the assessment.” Let our cybersecurity team help with this requirement by leveraging our own cybersecurity processes, going out to the substation to conduct audits and assessments, and providing reports about how your system is currently meeting information security requirements and what you can do to improve.

Network Performance

Our team can assess and document your network performance and determine at what point this performance will negatively impact the safe and reliable operation of your protection systems.

Restoration System Images

Our cybersecurity team can create and store images on Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-validated encrypted drives. The team can also provide disaster recovery technical support as our professional services team assists you in creating, documenting, and recovering images.

Virus Response Kit and Onsite Support

We can provide a virus response kit that supports copying images without corrupting data on a customer’s system. Virus response technical support is also available through an SEL “hot shot” team, which investigates any unusual behavior in a customer’s substation system, getting to root cause and providing a well-documented report on any findings.

Aurora Assessment

The SEL cybersecurity team can help determine if your generation system is vulnerable to an Aurora-style attack.

Update and Patch Management Maintenance Services

Our cybersecurity team can help you identify critical patches and test or update your devices to the most current versions.

Long-Term Storage

Our team can provide ten years of secure storage for any of your important documents and images.