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Cybersecurity Risk Management

SFCI - Power System Risk Mitigation

Modern utility systems and industrial plants rely on communications and computing technology to run and operate automation and control processes. Along with the benefits of these technologies comes some risk of cyber attacks. There are legitimate concerns about how inadequate information security (cybersecurity) is affecting electric power systems and other critical infrastructure.

Cybersecurity focuses on protecting computers, networks, automation and control systems, programs, and data from unintended or unauthorized access, changes, or destruction. Cybersecurity is important because it keeps unauthorized intruders out and protects organizational assets, services, and data from harm.

Security practices are evolving and improving, and new products and architectures are being developed and applied to counter the ever-increasing sophistication of attacks that attempt to access, inspect, manipulate, and control critical infrastructure control systems.

Identifying potential points of exploitation or vulnerability is a key step in building an effective cyber risk mitigation strategy and maintaining a secure utility system or industrial network.


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