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Security for Critical Infrastructure

Secure critical infrastructure with SEL defense-in-depth solutions and services.

Now more than ever, cybersecurity is recognized as a vital necessity for the protection of critical infrastructure. Preventing attacks before they happen takes a combination of knowledge, technology, and skill, but it also requires a security-aware culture.

For over 30 years, we have emphasized the importance of security in integrated systems. When our first product released in 1984, we had the foresight to incorporate two levels of password protection as well as alarm contacts and signal access failures—something no one else in the industry was doing at the time. Since then, we have published numerous papers describing threats, attack scenarios, and practical mitigation approaches.

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We believe the responsibility for security lies with everyone, and there are many simple, low-cost steps we can all take to quickly reduce risks to our vital assets. Whether it’s regulatory compliance, securing power system assets, or protecting operational and information technology networks, SEL offers the security-focused, preventative solutions you need.


SEL and Dragos Partner to Detect and Respond to Industry Cyber Threats

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SEL and Dragos Partner to Detect and Respond to Industry Cyber Threats


SFCI-secure system overview

Secure System Overview

SEL solutions for cybersecurity bring layered protection to critical infrastructure, including power system, transportation, oil, gas, petrochemical, and other operations. We define and develop effective solutions to make your system as secure and reliable as possible.

Cybersecurity Products

Power System Risk Mitigation

Power System Risk Mitigation

Power system risks from Global Positioning System (GPS) outages, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks, geomagnetically induced current (GIC) and geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) events, and cyber attacks are sometimes exaggerated. Getting the facts about these risks can help you develop practical implementation plans that will keep your system operational and secure. This section describes how to mitigate these risks and identifies solutions you can apply to maintain the safe operation of your power system.

SFCI-Supply Chain

Securing Your Supply Chain

SEL understands that secure supply chains are critical not only to a company’s success but also to national security. Supply chains feed our critical infrastructure operations, which in turn power our society. As the focus on supply chain security continues to intensify, infrastructure operators are asking their suppliers for details about what they are doing to address this issue. This best practices document outlines the processes SEL follows to ensure a safe and dependable supply chain for the products we deliver to customers around the world.

Securing Your Supply Chain [PDF]

SFCI Partners and Projects

Partners and Projects

SEL has partnered with utilities and national laboratories across the country to identify, design, and test new solutions for protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

SFCI Standard Support

Standards Support

SEL’s certified security professionals are available to help you develop the proactive and sustainable plans, policies, and procedures that you need to stay ahead of cyber threats. Our solutions can be applied to your unique security needs and make it easier to meet and address today’s regulatory standards, including North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

SFCI Professional security services

Professional Security Services

SEL cybersecurity services help customers assess, support, and develop control system security infrastructure. Our services support NERC CIP standards as well as other security standards and regulations. SEL personnel have multidisciplinary experience in substations, control systems, and information security, and maintain multiple industry security certifications.

SFCI Education

Awareness and Education

Cybersecurity isn’t something that can be achieved by a single department, individual, product, or technology. SEL believes that an effective cybersecurity program relies on creating a security-aware culture with appropriate education and training. The following provides information and resources for building cybersecurity awareness at your organization.

SFCI - Resources

Guidelines and Standards

Whether you need to find application guides, white papers, training guides, or anything in between, SEL’s library keeps you up to date and fully informed about securing today’s critical infrastructures.



Contact SEL to discuss your questions and concerns about cybersecurity in more depth and detail with one of our professional engineers. Also stay aware of the latest security threats through our Security Vulnerability Notification Group to help you make informed decisions about how to proceed.

The SEL Process for Disclosing Security Vulnerabilities [PDF]

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SFCI - Cybersecurity Posters

Sensible Cybersecurity Best Practices Posters

Use these posters to emphasize the importance of good security practices in your offices, substations, and control centers. SEL designed these posters to deliver a short, actionable message, and we will add additional posters with new messages in the future. Pick your favorite image and the most important messages to your company.


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