powerCORE Substation Control Enclosures


SEL control enclosures are designed, manufactured, tested, integrated, installed, and commissioned following the leading quality standards, warranty, and vertical integration production philosophy that you have come to expect from SEL.

This SEL Job Done solution provides the most efficient integration of SEL technology for protection, automation, and information management, and provides a turnkey system for drop-in substation applications. SEL quality and values play an essential role in the complete solution, from design to commissioning. Since SEL powerCORE Substation Control Enclosures and panels are built under one roof, SEL is a one-stop shop, giving customers consistent quality and seamless scheduling. This means no more headaches and struggles to keep important projects on track. SEL has protection, automation, and communications engineers who are experts in the industry and can design the complete system, beginning to end, or manage any portion of the scope required. This also includes SEL capabilities to do coordination studies and to develop relay settings and human-machine interfaces (HMIs). To ensure that the powerCORE arrives operationally functional, SEL engineers test every powerCORE and can perform protection and automation scheme testing at any level desired by our customers. This means less time spent onsite by commissioning crews troubleshooting wiring issues, and more focus on moving the project to completion. SEL’s ten-year warranty is unmatched and recognized as the best in the industry.

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Construction Method

The powerCORE tongue-and-groove panelized construction method provides structural strength. Hot-dipped galvanized frames eliminate the need for paint and increase corrosion resistance and durability.

Wall and Roof Panel Design

The structural strength of the enclosure comes from the hot-dipped galvanized steel columns and panel frames. This enables customers to select metal or concrete for walls and roof panels. SEL offers the following options:

  • Concrete*
  • 11-18 gauge heavyweight metal
  • 24-gauge lightweight metal*

*Optional two-hour fire rating for concrete and 24-gauge lightweight metal under ASTM E119

Adaptable Design

The ability to manufacture the powerCORE Enclosure in-house gives SEL flexibility to accommodate customer requests, including:

  • Live, seismic, and wind load rates
  • Insulation requirements
  • Water penetration resistance under ASTM E331
  • Wiring practices and standards
  • Control panel layout
  • Enclosure dimensions and exterior finish
  • Bullet resistance under UL 752 level 4, for concrete
  • Sizes to meet almost every need

Integration and Testing

The SEL powerCORE integrated engineering design incorporates existing and new SEL technology to improve system reliability and reduce maintenance. SEL thoroughly tests every turnkey solution by performing factory acceptance tests (FATs), which include continuity and operational testing. Per customer request, SEL also provides functional and system integration testing.

Setup and Commissioning

SEL factory-trained and industry-experienced engineers perform onsite setup and commissioning, from arranging
offloading by crane and anchoring the enclosure to performing termination wiring and the site acceptance test


SEL—A Perfect Fit In Mexico City

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SEL—A Perfect Fit In Mexico City

Substation Control Enclosures

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Substation Control Enclosures

Flexible, Modular Design

An expandable building with a removable wall and end-to-end design allows easy future control house length growth and defers investment.


Reduced Ownership Cost

  • Prefabricated building construction
  • Integrated engineering design
  • Ten-year, worldwide warranty
  • Efficient implementation of technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Field-expandable option
  • Reduced field wiring and commissioning
  • High reliability and quality
  • Advanced testing
  • Reduced lead times
  • Turnkey system solution