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    Engineer a Better Network

    Introducing the industry's first field-hardened SDN Ethernet switch.

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    No More Compromises

    The breakthrough software-defined networking (SDN) technology in the SEL-2740S Software-Defined Network Switch solves the inherent limitations of Ethernet networks. Now, every network path is defined by you; you control how your system responds to network failures. You decide who and what applications are and are not allowed. Instead of programming every device, program one. Instead of waiting on discovery or convergence times, predefine every primary and failover path for the most recoverable Ethernet network possible.

    Now you have the speed, the control, the visibility. Now, you have it all.

    Engineer a Better Network.
    It Starts With SDN.

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    SEL-2740S (Front View)

    2740S Front Callout

    SEL-2740S (Back View)

    2740S Rear Callout

    Mission-Critical Performance

    Mission-critical processes demand mission-critical performance. The SEL-2740S fails over in less than 100 μs. Because of our innovative approach to SDN technology, you get the proactive advantage of engineering all primary and failover circuit paths prior to commissioning. No more waiting for discovery or convergence times—your network already knows the next path.

    SDN Mission Critical Diagram

    You Set the Rules

    Our specific deny-by-default architecture of the SEL-2740S means nothing gets into your network without your approval. Every layer of every packet is inspected to see if it matches the set of rules you configured. If there's a mismatch, the packet can be immediately dropped or forwarded to an intrusion detection system for in-depth analysis. Plus, you have the option to change these rules at any time. With this level of control, your network security becomes a certainty.

    SDN Flow Match Rule

    Your Network, Defined and Designed by You

    You know your network best; you know how it should operate. That’s why the SEL-2740S with SDN technology is so revolutionary—because it puts the design control in your hands. You define and engineer every packet flow, every failure response, every decision. That means you can guarantee the preservation of critical data. Want the validation? The SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller makes it easy to programmatically test every contingency before going live, so you know it will work.

    SDN Your Network

    The Center of Control

    Through the SEL-5056 Flow Controller, your entire network is managed from one PC. If it seems like you’re at the center of everything, it’s because you are. Look into every SEL-2740S in your substations; monitor their status, health, and communications flows; and identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. The network visibility and intelligence are now centralized with you.

    Time for an Update?
    Just use the Flow Controller to program each SEL-2740S Switch in your network. Then, make network changes dynamically without affecting any existing service or application.

    A Common Ground
    Finally, there is a way to unite the requirements of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), and it’s because of the SEL-5056 Flow Controller. Using the OpenFlow 1.3 standard, OT teams use the SEL-5056 to design each flow for their critical applications. At the same time, IT teams get centralized network visibility and formal change control because they can continue using their existing flow controller network management systems.

    SDN screencap

    Evaluate Our SDN Solution for Yourself

    This is your chance to validate our SDN technology at a discounted price before making the full commitment. We put together an SDN starter kit complete with switches, a computer, Ethernet cables, and software. Providing a true hands-on experience, the starter kit allows you to set up an SDN network using the SEL-5056 Flow Controller software to configure the switches and monitor your network. Get your SDN starter kit today.

    The SEL SDN starter kit includes:

    • Four SEL-2740S Switches
    • One SEL-3355 Computer with SEL-5056 Flow Controller Software
    • One 100-switch license for SEL-5056
    • One SEL-2726U Switch
    • Ethernet cables
    SDN side by side
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