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Integrator Services and Procurement

SEL delivers products and solutions that are guaranteed to meet your customer’s needs.
Integrator Services and Procurement

From proposals through procurement, we work alongside you to develop solutions and deliver equipment that meets your customer’s specifications—and after the system is commissioned, we provide technical support to end users for the entire life of the SEL solution.

Our industry-leading engineering teams support you by:

  • Interpreting specifications and providing documentation on how the requirements are met.
  • Identifying how SEL devices meet specifications and making any necessary modifications to the product.
  • Testing the products to verify that their performance in the customer’s system will meet all requirements.
  • Providing on-site Navy witness testing support for switchboard commissioning, ship light-off, builder's trials, and sea trials.

MIL-STD Device Qualification

SEL Government Services has more than 20 years of experience developing qualified products for naval applications. Our products and systems currently support the U.S. Navy LHA, LHD, DDG, CVN, SBX, and TAGM-25.

Many of the standards to which we test our products already meet military and naval specifications. Where MIL-STD specifications and project requirements are more stringent than our own, we modify SEL commercial devices to meet those standards.

Because they share the framework of commercial products that already lead the electric power industry in quality and reliability, customized SEL devices retain the original ten-year comprehensive factory warranty. We provide repair/replacement services and complete technical support for the entire service lifetime of every device we manufacture.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you meet your MIL-STD requirements.

Compliance Testing, System Modeling, and Design

We conduct compliance testing and factory acceptance testing to ensure that our devices meet specifications and will perform properly in your customer’s system.

We can review any existing tests and documentation (whether yours or your customer’s) to verify that the devices and the system will meet the customer’s needs. We can also use our expertise in power system protection and design to provide recommendations that improve system performance and reduce commissioning time.

When developing your next proposal, consider SEL as a partner; our system modeling and design services could help you win that contract.

Lifetime Product Support

Technical support and repair/replacement services are available for the entire life of every SEL product.

We also train engineers and on-ship personnel in maintaining and operating our protection and control systems.

Security Bulletins and Updates

We notify product owners of updates and security patches for the full life of the product. Software and firmware updates are distributed directly to our customers via secure file transfer, and their authenticity and integrity are verifiable through digital signatures and cryptographic hashes.

More About Security Notifications

SEL Process for Disclosing Security Vulnerabilities

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