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SEL provides United States government agencies and their contractors and integrators with reliable solutions that protect, monitor, and control electric power systems in demanding environments.

Our Approach

We strive to be not just a vendor, but a partner you can rely on.
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Our Solutions

Power system engineering, research and development services, and procurement support.
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Our Support

We back up our solutions with an unbeatable warranty and lifetime technical support.
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Our Approach

The SEL Government Services team is dedicated to providing expert electrical engineering, research, and procurement support—and personal customer service—to U.S. government agencies and their contracted researchers and system integrators.  

What We Do

SEL specializes in creating digital products and systems that protect, control, and automate electric power systems. Headquartered in Pullman, Washington, we manufacture our products in the United States and serve customers worldwide.

Our genesis is innovation: SEL was founded by the inventor of the electric power industry’s first digital protective relay .

As a company, our mission is to help ensure prosperity and safety by making electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical for everyone. We grow our business and advance the state of the art in the protection and control of electric power by developing products and solutions that are not only innovative but also the most reliable in the industry.

SEL Government Services has been serving U.S. government customers since 2001.

Our Solutions

The SEL Government Services team harnesses the industry-leading research, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities of SEL to help you achieve your objectives—on time, every time.

Marine Power Systems

We design, test, and implement systems that protect and control electric power in marine facilities and aboard U.S. Navy ships of all types.

Our solutions turn shipboard power system design and protection from arcane art into reliable engineering, ensuring that these systems safely and reliably power ships and their sailors to the mission, through the mission, and back home again.

Our Support

Every solution we provide comes with the most reliable devices in the electric power industry and complete technical support for SEL-manufactured products.

It’s been this way at SEL since the company was founded nearly 40 years ago—a major reason why we’re North America’s most trusted provider of protective relays.

The Industry’s Best Warranty

SEL products come with complete technical support and a ten-year factory warranty—the best in the electric power industry.

This warranty extends not only to factory standard devices, but also to all devices customized by SEL Government Services.

If a product fails under warranty, repair and replacement are free. We service and repair every device we manufacture for its entire service life.

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