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Condition Monitoring

Monitor Expensive Assets and Predict Failures

Condition Monitoring

Unplanned outages on expensive, critical, or long-lead equipment can create costly process outages. Condition-based monitoring (CBM) systems monitor the health of these equipment to provide equipment failure predictions. CBM data is also used for preventive maintenance programs, root cause failure mode analysis, management of capital assets, efficiency improvement programs, and risk assessment studies. CBM systems are synonymous with online condition monitoring, continuous monitoring, asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, equipment analysis, and diagnostic systems.


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SEL Engineering Services uses proven methods to integrate CBM systems from multiple vendors into a comprehensive system that monitors the health of a power system. SEL integrates third-party systems for monitoring:

  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Circuit breakers
  • Adjustable-speed drives
  • Generators
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)
  • DC chargers
  • Partial discharge
  • Busbar joints
  • Vibration and environment
  • Cables