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SEL Backup and Recovery Tool (BaRT)

Quickly and easily create a snapshot of your computing platform’s operating system and configuration with SEL BaRT. SEL BaRT was designed specifically for SEL’s computing platform line and takes advantage of each platform’s features, including the system watchdog, which is responsible for monitoring system availability.

SEL BaRT has been designed from the ground up to be small, fast, and portable. At 80 megabytes, it can fit onto the smallest available (re-)writable CDs. Backing up a standard Windows 7 install takes 15 minutes or less, and restoring the same image can be done in 5 minutes. Finally, you can clone SEL BaRT to a USB flash drive for ultimate portability. Then simply take your USB flash drive with your cloned BaRT and any of your backup images, and you’ll be ready to restore.

SEL BaRT is custom-developed by SEL using open-source technology and is provided free of charge.

Installation Instructions

If you are using Windows 7, you may simply double-click the .iso file, then follow the onscreen instructions to begin the image burning process using the built-in Windows Disc Image Burner application.

For earlier versions of Windows or other operating systems, download the application guide for detailed instructions on creating an SEL BaRT CD.


Version 4.1
Size 84.28 MB
Date Code 20191218


  • Added support for the SEL-3350 computing platform.
  • Updated Grub boot loader and Secure Boot key to fix/allow for BootHole mitigations. For more details see:

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