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A Message From the Dean of SELU


H├ęctor J. Altuve
Dean of SEL University

SELU addresses the urgent need for power industry workforce training with the comprehensive family of courses being offered. These courses are taught by the best instructors in the industry. Their impressive knowledge is matched only by their enthusiasm for education. SELU instructors understand that electric power systems have changed significantly over the past two or three decades and operate closer to security limits. Generation is becoming distributed, variable, and more difficult to dispatch. The power grid infrastructure is aging, and there is a growing demand for personnel equipped with mixed skills to support modern power systems. In addition, the electric power industry is facing the challenge of an aging workforce. The loss of this historical knowledge jeopardizes the ability to maintain reliable electric service. Finally, the number of engineering graduates and skilled workers entering the workforce may not be enough to replace the imminent number of retirements. As dean of SELU and on behalf of our instructors, we look forward to meeting your workforce training needs.


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