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WBT 351: SEL-351 Relay Coordination Techniques


This course is for protection engineers and technicians who want to enhance their knowledge of relay coordination techniques.

In WBT 351, learn how to apply techniques for coordinating an SEL-351 Directional Overcurrent and Reclosing Relay with upstream and downstream devices. Real-world SEL-351 applications provide you with an ideal learning environment for practicing step-by-step settings calculations.


Day 1

  • Introduction to Coordination: Distribution System Faults
  • SEL-351 Protection Overview
  • Coordination Strategies

Day 2

  • Coordination Pairs: Calculating Pickup and Time Dial Settings
  • SEL-351 Coordination Application Examples

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students can:

  • Describe the basic overcurrent device coordination goals, principles, and strategies
  • Identify common coordination pairs
  • Describe the basic SEL-351 protection and coordination settings, including phase and ground instantaneous, phase and ground definite-time, phase and ground time-overcurrent, and reclosing settings
  • Determine SEL-351 coordination settings using provided calculation methods and/or criteria to coordinate with upstream and downstream devices
  • Apply coordination strategies to real-world application examples
Course Information
Course Base Fees: $450 USD*

CEUs: 0.4
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Course Requirements


Students should have:
Completed CBT 351: Introduction to SEL-351 Relays (highly recommended)

Course Preparation

Check the General Course Information page for course preparation details.