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WBT 103: Transmission Pilot Protection Application of Power Line Carrier


This course is for protection engineers or technicians who already possess a basic understanding of transmission line protection and want to learn about the application of power line carrier.

WBT 103 will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the power utility's application of power line carrier as its used in transmission pilot schemes. The workshop will meet in a virtual training environment for four live, instructor-led sessions. Students will be expected to complete homework projects between the first and second training sessions and the third and fourth training sessions.


Day 1
  • Introduction to the PLC Channel
  • Identifying the Need for RF Hybrids
  • Frequency Selection
Day 2
  • Homework Review and Major Equipment
  • Special Communications Requirements of Protective Relaying
Day 3
  • Coupling to the Power Line
  • Performance Calculation
Day 4
  • Homework Review
  • Mitigating Performance Issues

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students can:
  • Identify how the power utility uses power line carrier (PLC) as a pilot protection channel on transmission lines
  • Interpret proper applications
  • Describe the need for pilot channels in transmission line protection
  • Explain coupling the PLC channel to transmission line
  • Recognize how the frequency affects the channel
  • Calculate the performance of the channel
  • Relate mitigation of performance issues
Course Information
Course Base Fees: $USD575*

CEUs: 0.7
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Course Requirements


Students should have a basic understanding of protection.

Course Preparation

Check the General Course Information page for course preparation details.