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APP 3530 and 2240: SEL-3530 RTAC and SEL-2240 Axion (Saudi Arabia)


This course is intended for engineers, technical consultants, and technicians who have an understanding of:

  • Boolean, math-based, and IEC 61131-3 logic.
  • Power system topology and architecture.
  • SEL relays, communications methods, and protocols.

The APP 3530 and 2240 course is highly interactive and activity-based. During APP 3530, in a group of two, you will configure a realistic communications scheme using the SEL-3530 RTAC and SEL-2240 Axion. Each section of this course will guide you, step by step, through configuring this communications scheme.

For additional information and to register, please contact:

Ali Omran
Regional Business Manager
Phone: +973.1752.7700


Course Requirements


Before you attend this class, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to operate a personal computer
  • Understanding of power system automation theory and application
  • Experience with SEL relays

Course Preparation

Please check the General Course Information page for what you should bring to class. In addition, please make sure that the laptop you bring to class has the following software and features:

Course Information
Course Base Fees: $USD1,750*

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