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ME-SYS 403: IEC 61850 Fundamentals and Applications


This course is intended for utility engineers and technicians who specify, design, operate, or maintain utility networks, including utility protection engineers, automation engineers, integration engineers, and communications engineers.

The international standard IEC 61850 was designed to standardize communications and integration methods and to support systems built from multivendor intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) that are networked to perform protection, monitoring, automation, metering, and control functions. SYS 403 is designed to be interactive and activity based. During this course, students will work in groups of two to configure and implement a comprehensive, realistic IEC 61850 communications and automation scheme.


  • Overview of Network Protocols and Communications
  • Introduction to Protocols Within the IEC 61850 Standard
  • Applications
  • GOOSE and VLANs
  • Communications Overview
  • acSELerator Architect SEL-5032 Software
  • GOOSE and MMS Report Configuration
  • Logic
  • Importing CID and ICD Files
  • Interoperability
  • VLAN Configuration and Testing
  • Commissioning and Troubleshooting
  • Protocol Gateway Configuration
  • Communications Monitor Interface Via RTAC HMI

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students can:

  • Organize and configure all SEL IEDs in a substation project
  • Configure incoming and outgoing Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) messages and manufacturing message specification (MMS) reports
  • Read IED Capability Description (ICD) and Configured IED Description (CID) files
  • Determine available IEC 61850 messaging options
  • Load device settings and IEC 61850 CID files into SEL and non-SEL IEDs
  • Generate ICD files that will provide IED descriptions to support interoperability and integration functions
  • Understand GOOSE exchange among IEDs from multiple suppliers
  • Configure protection, logic, control, and communications settings
  • Troubleshoot GOOSE message quality and network communications

Configure an RTAC as a protocol gateway to convert MMS to a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) protocol.

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Course Information
Course Base Fees: $USD2,300*

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Course Requirements


Before you attend this class, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to operate a personal computer
  • Basic familiarity with protective relaying and the SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay features

Course Preparation

Please check the General Course Information page for what you should bring to class. In addition, please make sure that the laptop you bring to class has the following software/features:

  • acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software with the SEL-751A driver and instruction manual, installed and updated through SEL Compass
  • acSELerator Architect SEL-5032 Software