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APP 751, 710, and 849: Industrial Feeder and Motor Protection Relays (Saudi Arabia)


    APP 751 provides complete application training for the SEL-751 Feeder Protection Relay, which is an extremely versatile protective relay used worldwide for industrial and utility feeder protection. You will work with an SEL-751 to gain experience in communicating, setting, metering, monitoring, retrieving event reports, and performing control functions.

    APP 710 explores how to use the SEL-710 Motor Protection Relay to protect induction motors in an industrial setting. You will complete application and settings examples to learn how to implement complete motor protection and control.

    APP 849 covers how to use the SEL-849 Motor Management Relay to protect your plant, processes, and personnel. You will learn how to configure basic overload settings and test relay responses, including arc-flash detection. You will also learn to use the relay’s simple web server interface and Ethernet communications for real-world control operations. We will show you how to predict potential problems by analyzing load reports, starting trends, and motor operating statistics to ensure safe, continuous motor function.

    For additional information and to register, please contact:

    Ali Omran
    Regional Business Manager
    Phone: +973.1752.7700


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    Please check the General Course Information page for what you should bring to class. In addition, please make sure that the laptop you bring to class has the following software:

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    Course Base Fees: $USD1,275*

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