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Course Structure and Delivery

SELU Course Structure and Delivery



Hands-On Courses

SELU’s array of hands-on courses apply advanced features of SEL products to help you optimize your power system protection solutions. These courses can cover a combination of product setting and testing, which is useful for proper product application, commissioning, and troubleshooting. Hands-on systems courses help you integrate and manage your devices to improve system performance, reliability, and interoperability.


Fundamentals Courses

Fundamentals courses examine the latest advances in power systems and communications. The in-depth subjects surveyed include practical insights into power system protection, distribution, transmission, generation, and industrial power system protection. Fundamentals courses are designed to meet the specific requirements of managers, engineers, and technicians. University faculty and students can also benefit from the richness of content in these courses.


eLearning Courses

SELU offers a series of computer- and web-based courses that give you more flexible training options. These courses supplement traditional classroom courses. Computer-based training (CBT) provides the opportunity to train when and where you want via self-paced coursework. Our web-based training (WBT) courses feature an SELU instructor delivering training to you in real time. Continuing education units (CEUs) are available for each course type.

Course Identifiers


Application courses build on the skills obtained in fundamentals courses and provide both technicians and engineers with hands-on settings experience.


Communications courses teach technicians and engineers introductory and advanced networking and data communication troubleshooting principles and best practices.


Protection courses teach technicians and engineers power system protection principles and application.


Power system courses provide a refresher on power system modeling, analysis, and operation for electrical engineers.


Security courses provide a range of knowledge, including hands-on experience, to help individuals of all levels create more secure industrial control systems (ICS).


Systems courses build on the skills obtained in application and fundamentals courses and provide technicians and engineers with advanced hands-on integration and design experience.


Testing courses put into practice the skills obtained in technician fundamentals courses and provide technicians with hands-on relay testing and troubleshooting experience.

Course Delivery Methods

Classroom-based training

On-Demand courses

  • Supply the training room, and we provide the equipment, course materials, and instructors
  • Select standard or tailored options to meet your needs
  • Reduce travel expenses and train more employees at one time

Regularly scheduled courses

  • Choose from over 60 existing course offerings
  • Learn in convenient locations around the world
  • Take fundamentals and hands-on training courses, and network with other industry professionals


Web-based training (WBT) or Webinar (WBNR)

  • Maintain flexibility in your schedule
  • Maximize your training budget
  • Learn in real time from a certified instructor

Computer-based training (CBT)

  • Have control and comfortably complete courses at your own pace
  • Access learning content online or download to your computer
  • Enjoy an interactive, convenient experience

General Course Information

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for an SELU course.

Frequently Asked Questions

View our FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions about course registration and other SELU topics.

Course Policies

Read about how SEL University handles course payments, cancellations, eLearning licensing, and more.


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