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Mais seguro graças ao seu projeto: Proteger pessoas e equipamentos industriais dos riscos de arco elétrico

A global vehicle manufacturer needed to expand its North American manufacturing plant to accommodate a new vehicle model; this case study details how SEL helped them make their power system safer and more reliable by adding an SEL communication-assisted protection scheme.

Código de data: 20170824
Anti-ilhamento inteligente usando medições de sincrofasores

Com o uso crescente da geração fotovoltaica distribuída surge a necessidade de esquemas anti-ilhamento mais inteligentes. A PV Powered e a Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) demonstraram um esquema que utiliza medições de área ampla. O esquema detecta com precisão quando deve desconectar a geração distribuída.

Código de data: 20160615
Número da peça: LCS0028-PT
Sistema de gerenciamento de energia automatizado – Uma abordagem econômica para maior confiabilidade operacional

Motor Oil Hellas Corinth Refineries S.A. (MOH) — Agii Theodori, Corinto, Grécia - Com usuários de energia industriais, comerciais e governamentais buscando a confiabilidade e a maior eficiência do sistema de energia elétrica, usinas de geração local de energia elétrica (por exemplo, ilhas de energia) estão se tornando cada vez mais populares. À medida que o número de geradores individuais no local aumenta, aumenta também a necessidade de meios mais poderosos para monitorar e otimizar a geração de energia e o gerenciamento de carga em todas as instalações. Sistemas de gerenciamento de energia automatizados com tecnologia inerente, como controle de geração e descarte de carga de alta velocidade, são agora uma solução comprovada para tais necessidades.

Código de data: 20160615
Número da peça: LCS0022-PT
Utilização de medições de fase de área ampla para melhorar a confiabilidade do sistema

Atender às necessidades cada vez mais crescentes de energia elétrica, melhorando ao mesmo tempo a disponibilidade do sistema, é um desafio para qualquer serviço público. A POWERGRID Corporation está usando um sistema de sincrofasores recentemente instalado para melhorar a operação e a confiabilidade do sistema.

Código de data: 20160615
Número da peça: LCS0027-PT
Town of Clayton Improves Underground Feeder Protection With the SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12

Código de data: 20200923
Making the Switch—How One Utility Is Transitioning Seamlessly From Leased Analog to Ethernet

North American electric utilities have long relied on analog leased telecom services for deterministic, low-latency communication for critical protection schemes. However, telecom carriers have begun to discontinue analog, and most digital alternatives offer neither the guaranteed latency nor the synchronous performance required for protection applications. Learn how Consumers Energy, an Michigan-based electric utility, effectively migrated from leased analog to digital circuits for their DTT and POTT schemes while still meeting strict latency, determinism, and asymmetry requirements.

Código de data: 20190122
Expanding the Impact of DOE Technology for Energy Cybersecurity

When it comes to national defense, a reliable and resilient energy supply is critical.

Código de data: 20181101
NREL Selects SEL Microgrid Controller for the Energy Systems Integration Facility

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) invited microgrid controller manufacturers to participate in a 21-week evaluation to determine the best controller for the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF). Learn the details of the evaluation method, which used the most comprehensive metrics available for microgrid controller performance evaluation, and what allowed SEL's controller to come out on top.

Código de data: 20180824
Distribution Automation Smart Grid Pilot Project Improves Electric Power Reliability and Lifestyles for Eastern European Community

For years, residents of the Brčko District in Bosnia and Herzegovina faced extended power outages and frequent power cuts. The situation changed in 2015 when SEL partnered with the nonprofit United States Energy Association (USEA) and the local utility, JP Komunalno Brčko, to implement a modern distribution network automation solution that improved the stability of the electric power supply. 

Código de data: 20170706
SEL Metering Solution Saves Campus 4,000 Gallons of Water Per Day

Learn how an advanced metering system comprised of 2 SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meters helped SEL save 4,000 gallons of water per day.

Código de data: 20170303
Número da peça: LCS0036
Duke Energy Builds Microgrid Control System With Standard Power System Components

This case study details Duke Energy's construction of a microgrid project at their McAlpine Creek Subtation using off-the-shelf SEL components in cooperation with City of Charlotte Fire Station 24.

Código de data: 20170111
Número da peça: LCS0035
SEL Protective Relay Withstands EF5 Tornado

Substation equipment must withstand extreme weather conditions. But no one expected that when an EF5 tornado destroyed an entire utility substation, an SEL protective relay would remain standing and operational. Find out more in this case study.

Código de data: 20161017
Número da peça: LCS0034
North American Mine Discovers Arc-Flash Detection Isn’t Just Academic—It Saves Lives and Equipment

A North American mining company recently experienced the benefits of arc-flash detection technology firsthand while in the commissioning stages of a paste backfill project. Learn more in this case study.

Código de data: 20160929
Número da peça: LCS0032
UC San Diego Optimizes Microgrid System With SEL powerMAX and Protection Relays

Places like Scripps and the Health System on UC San Diego’s campus demand a reliable source of electric power. Losing power in these areas, even for a short amount of time, could compromise people’s safety and have drastic effects on critical research. This led the university to build their own microgrid so that, even during emergencies, their critical facilities would always have power.

Código de data: 20160623
Número da peça: LSC0031
Improving System Performance Using SEL’s Distribution Network Automation (DNA)

Economically adding fully automated fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR) as well as voltage and reactive power (volt/VAR) control improved reliability and reduced system losses—delivering a win-win project for Westar Energy and its customers.

Código de data: 20141103
Número da peça: LCS0030
SEL ICON Helps CUS Upgrade Its Primary Communications and Relay System

SEL ICON™ Helps CUS Upgrade Its Primary Communications and Relay System

Código de data: 20130501
Número da peça: LCS0029
Reducing Customer Outage Duration at We Energies

Case Study - Recipient of the 2004 ReliabilityOne™ National Achievement Award for Americas most reliable utility, We Energies serves 1.1 million electric customers in Wisconsin and Michigans Upper Peninsula.

Código de data: 20090519
Número da peça: LCS0016
Rural Idaho Electric Cooperative Saves Restoration Time With SEL Recloser Controls and Remote Communications

Case Study - In a 2008 annual meeting video for Clearwater Power Company (CPC), longtime customers like Gene Esser of Genesee, Idaho, reminisce about when electric power, through the cooperative, first  came to their part of rural Idaho in 1937. He recalls the excitement of watching the CPC line coming closer to his home.

Código de data: 20090424
Multitasking Metering System Enhances Dairyland Power’s Widespread Generation and Transmission Operations

Case Study - Dairyland Power Cooperative—La Crosse, Wisconsin - Advanced, multifunction meters and wide-area IP (Internet Protocol) communications improve metering and power quality data collection at a Wisconsin power generation and transmission cooperative.

Código de data: 20090406
Número da peça: LCS0020
Relays Play Critical Role in Automating Power System at Pharmaceutical Distribution Center

Case Study - Automation of Pharmaceutical Power Distribution System

Código de data: 20090406
Número da peça: LCS0015
Relays and Communications Processors Help Energize Barrie Hydro Expansion, Automation, and Transition to Open Market

Case Study - Barrie Hydro, an Electric Power Distributor—Barrie, Ontario- Updated Barrie Hydro power distribution system combines advanced protection with flexible automation to expand its service area while improving distribution cost savings, reliability, and safety in a newly deregulated marketplace.

Código de data: 20090406
Número da peça: LCS0009
SEL Relays Simplify Power System Protection on World's Longest Overwater Application

Case Study - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway – New Orleans, LA - The Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission (GNOEC), which operates the causeway, initiated the plan to modernize the bridges infrastructure.

Código de data: 20090406
Número da peça: LCS0006
SEL Technology Improves Relay Response Under High Fault-Current Conditions

Case Study - SEL Adaptive Overcurrent Element Technology Raises Performance Standards of Microprocessor-Based Protective Relays - The use of low-ratio CTs can expose power systems to catastrophic damage from high fault currents—a perilous situation that may go undetected. SEL’s exclusive “Adaptive Overcurrent Element” technology improves the protective response under high faultcurrent conditions when CT saturation is present.


Código de data: 20090406
Número da peça: LCS0004
Paper Mill Pioneers Power Protection Using Optical Fiber Skywire Supported by Digital Relay Protection

Case Study -  Abitibi-Consolidated—Iroquois Falls, Ontario, Canada - Abitibi-Consolidated is working toward the complete automation of its electric power system at its Iroquois Falls, Ontario mill. The system  includes SEL protective relays and communications processors as part of a sophisticated upgraded power scheme designed to improve uptime, efficiency, and safety.


Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0011
Power System Protection Crucial to Nuclear Weapons Test Simulations at Lawrence Livermore Facility

Case Study - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory—Livermore, California

Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0014
RTD Enhances Protection and Reduces Maintenance at Vital Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

Case Study -  Hydroelectric power plant installation combines SEL-2600A RTD Modules with SEL-300G Generator Relays and SEL-387E Current Differential and Voltage Relays to provide reliable protection and improved thermal monitoring.

Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0017
Relay's Event Reports Prevent Unnecessary Losses in Materials and Production

Case Study - Mining Controls Incorporated—Beckley, West Virginia - SEL-587 Current Differential Relay generates precise event reports that enable managers of electric power systems to make informed decisions after an equipment failure or system outage has occurred.

Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0021
Relay's Intelligence Slashes Time and Costs on Retrofit of Generator for Advanced Waste-to-Energy System

Case Study - Barlow Projects Waste-to-Energy System – Perham, MN - Barlow Projects WTE site recycles trash into electric power and steam heat via advanced system that employs “recycled” turbine generator.

Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0003
Relays Protect Genset Solutions for Food Industry Firms

Case Study - Encorp-Controlled Power Systems—Lathrop, California and Denver, Colorado - Both California Natural Products and NOBEL/SYSCO were in search of state-of-the-art solutions for improved power system reliability.

Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0007
Relays Provide Critical Automation and Communications Features for Windsor Substation Upgrade and Auto Plant Transformer Stations

Case Study - ENWIN Powerlines an Electric Power Distributor—Windsor, Ontario - Automation upgrade of ENWIN Powerlines aging substations was aimed at improving system reliability and control. The installation of SEL digital relays and other equipment produced some unexpected benefits, including saving on manpower resources and maintenance costs while improving on safety.

Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0008
Remote I/O Modules Enable DC Substation Transfer Trip for Expanding Denver Light Rail System

Case Study - Denver Light Rail Transit System—Denver, Colorado - SEL-2505 Remote I/O Module provides an economical solution for transfer-trip scheme with reliable, robust communications, compact design, and reduced dc ground exposure.


Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0018
Utility-Grade Relays Protect Critical Motors at Denver-Area Wastewater Plant

Case Study - Metro Wastewater Reclamation District—Denver, Colorado - To provide necessary assurance of critical blower system uptime, Metro Wastewater Reclamation District replaced aging relays with utility-grade SEL-701 Motor Protection  Relays from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., which offered more durability, robust features, and improved availability at a lower price than conventional relays.

Código de data: 20090325
Número da peça: LCS0002
Wind Farm in Mexico Completes First Successful IEC 61850 Application With Multivendor Interoperability

Case Study - La Venta II Wind Farm—Oaxaca, Mexico

Código de data: 20081107
Innovative Phase-Angle Control Helps AEP Optimize Power Flow on Transmission Grid

Case Study - American Electric Power (AEP)—South Texas, United States

Código de data: 20080317
Automatic Transfer Scheme Retrofit Ensures Reliable Power in Calgary High-Rises

Case Study - ARX Engineering—Calgary, Alberta, Canada - The critical use of power in large commercial facilities makes continuous electric power extremely important. In order to provide a more reliable utility supply, the power system often employs redundant utility sources via a transfer scheme that switches from a preferred to an alternate source in the event of a power upset.

Código de data: 20070412
Número da peça: LCS0019
Integrated Substation System for More Reliable Power, Plus Savings on Protection and Energy Costs

Case Study - Pre-engineered, Preassembled Integrated Systems for Improved Protection, Control, and Management of Industrial Substations - The SEL-7000 Integrated Substation System family offers pre-engineered, preassembled integrated systems for improved protection, control, and management of industrial substations—in packages that make higher performance the “lower cost” choice.

Código de data: 20060831
Relay’s Event Reports Offer Powerful Data for Diagnosing Power System Problems

Case Study - Conway Corporation—Conway, Arkansas - Use of the powerful event reports can increase system reliability, lower maintenance costs, and reduce the potential for system damage and resulting outages. At Conway Corporation, analysis of an SEL relay’s event report helps prevent possible transformer fire.

Código de data: 20060807
Stanford University Installs Advanced Power System

Case Study - Stanford University—Palo Alto, California - Installs Advanced Power System With an eye on the future and a need to remain self-sufficient should a fault occur, Stanford Universitys Utility Group upgraded the campus electric power substation and reconfigured controls to implement a power island via the local cogeneration power system.

Código de data: 20060717
SEL Protection and Communications Capabilities Integral to Power System Upgrade at Alberta's Dynamic Northlands Park

Case Study - Northlands Park—Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - A hub of sports, gaming, business, and entertainment action in Western Canada, the ongoing upgrade of Northlands Park’s power infrastructure requires complex orchestration and precise timing. This includes off-site simulation of digital monitoring and protection systems from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. to avoid interruption of park events.

Código de data: 20060526
Value of Digital Protective Relays Is Discovered at Oil and Gas Facility

Case Study - Marathon Oil Yates Field and Indian Basin Gas Plants—Iraan, Texas, and Lakewood, New Mexico - Oil and gas industry leader Marathon Oil turns to SEL-351 Relays to improve power stability, enhance control and and safety, eliminate costly shutdowns, and increase operational knowledge at two natural gas facilities.

Código de data: 20060518
Monitoring Usage for Savings

Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is realizing $600,000 (USD) per year in electrical cost savings using the data provided by SEL meters.