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QuickSet Driver Revisions


For the SEL-2411P Z002:

  • Added Pump Logic settings
  • Added Analog Control Variable settings
  • Added 14 digital input card part number support
  • Updated Input Debounce settings to allow 14 inputs for Slots 3 to 6
  • Updated Relay Word bit and analog quantity defaults to support station types
  • Updated default DNP maps


  • Addressed an issue in driver version that caused an occasional DISPLAY_LP setting error in previously saved settings
  • Improved Load Profile settings layout to increase efficiency of workflow and recorder visibility
  • Added Load Profile setting presets for common power quality applications
  • Added import and export functionality to the new LDP Data Viewer in the QuickSet HMI
  • Reworked the legacy load profile interface to provide MV-90 integration functionality
  • Improved the auto-scaling of axis values in the LDP Data Viewer and Wave View charts
  • Improved the resolution of data for small values in the LDP Data Viewer table view
  • Improved date and time selection controls in the LDP Data Viewer
  • Added support for settings version Z101, adding HARM and INTERHARM options to HARMCAL and removing INCIHQ


  • SEL-411L/411L-1 SVN 015: Added low-voltage option main board power supply (24/48 V)


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