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RTAC HMI Diagram Builder Templates

The provided Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) human-machine interface (HMI) acSELerator Diagram Builder SEL-5035 Software templates represent specimen design for HMI screens containing intelligent electronic device (IED) front panels. Click on any image thumbnail in the Template Gallery to enlarge it, or browse through the entire available template image collection. Adapt these templates for your own unique applications, saving engineering hours, reducing development time, etc., to achieve a uniform professional look and feel with your HMI project.

Please note that these templates are provided on a “use as is” basis and will not be modified by SEL to suit unique applications.

If there are RTAC HMI diagrams that you would like to share with other users by making them available under this collection, please contact us. SEL reserves the right to decide whether and how a user submission will be presented to be posted under this collection.

How to Use a Saved RTAC HMI Diagram Builder Template in a Project in acSELerator Diagram Builder

  • Click on the link provided below the image of interest, and accept the terms of use to download the *.zip file to the local machine, one at a time. Or, use the ALL HMIDS link to download the complete set of RTAC HMI Diagram Builder templates with a single click.
  • Unzip the saved file to extract the *.hmid file or files to a network location of your choice.
  • Create or open a project in acSELerator Diagram Builder, and then navigate through File -> Open -> Diagram to choose the saved *.hmid file or files in order to import the associated diagram(s) into the project.
  • Add or remove controls from the diagram to customize it to suit your application.
  • Import tags unique to the application into the Diagram Builder project, and associate them with the available controls on the diagram, as applicable.
  • Download the saved Diagram Builder project to an RTAC with the HMI option enabled, and view the RTAC HMI project via a supported browser.