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Upgraded SNMP Capabilities, Improved Boot-Up Stability, and More Flows

The SEL-2740S and SEL-2742S Software-Defined Network Switches now support Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3) and expand the MIB support beyond the ifMIB to include the system description, up time, contact status, name, location, firmware version, serial number, power supply status, and Ethernet module status. The SEL-2740S requires firmware R106 and the SEL-2742S requires R102 for SNMPv3 and expanded MIB support.

During internal reliability testing, SEL identified two opportunities to improve boot-up stability in the SEL-2740S. We found that there is a small chance that the SEL-2740S would not identify all onboard hardware properly and would not complete the boot cycle, requiring a reboot. We also discovered that OpenFlow meters and the flows referencing the meters under rare conditions could be lost during a power cycle, causing a synchronization event to occur to program the meters again. Both boot-up stability issues have been addressed in firmware updates. 

The SEL-2740S and SEL-2742S now support double the flows, increasing the flow tables to 8,192. All three improvements—the MIB support, boot-up stability, and increase in supported flows—are addressed with firmware upgrades (R106 and R102).