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    Rotary Switches

    The new SEL family of rotary switches exceed UL, IEEE, and IEC standards. SEL expertise in protection, automation, and electronics, combined with the latest manufacturing technology, enables us to offer the first rotary switch in the world with a ten-year warranty.

    SEL has applied innovative technology across the family of lockout relay, breaker control, and selector switches to increase reliability, security, ease of use, and flexibility while reducing costs and lead times. We monitor and control processes to exceed the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Standard. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities reflect SEL’s commitment to offering customers unmatched value in products and services.

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    Quality—SEL rotary switches meet or exceed UL, IEEE, and IEC standards. They feature up to 60 double-break, single-throw contacts on 15 decks, a nominal current of 30 A, and an interrupting current of 8 A @ 125 Vdc. Other features include configurable labels and captive screws, ergonomic handles, and flexible contact configuration. SEL monitors and controls all manufacturing processes to meet the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Standard.

    Contacts—The SEL rotary switch family provides open or close contacts that operate in accordance with handle and/or shaft angular position. Shaft position is controlled by torque, applied manually through one handle and/or through electrical operation with a linear solenoid.



    SEL-RS43 Selector Switch With Sustained Contacts

    This type of switch is often used to select permanent positions as ON or OFF; measure instrument circuits for Phase A, B, and C; “make before break” combinations; and more. The operator sets the control position, and the switch remains in that state until the operator changes it. This device can have as many as eight positions and can be assembled with as many as ten modules of four double-break, single-throw contacts, with combinations of normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts. Up to three configurable LEDs are available for indication of status, alarms, operation, etc.


    SEL-RS52 Control Switch With Momentary Contacts

    These switches are primarily used to open/close breakers and disconnect switches, sectionalizers, and other electrical equipment. The handle and shaft are moved to the control position manually and are returned to the normal position by spring action. The switch can have two or three positions, typically “Trip,” “Close,” and “Normal,” with as many as ten modules of four double-break, single-throw contacts with combinations of slip NO and NC contacts.


    SEL-RS86 Lockout Relay With Electrical Operation and Manual Reset

    Also called a lockout auxiliary relay, these devices are normally used to trip and lock out one or more circuit breakers when a fault or other predetermined condition exists. The shaft moves at high speed to the trip position by electromechanical action when another device, usually a protective relay, sends a trip signal to the solenoid (where its coil is monitored locally with LEDs and remotely through a SCADA contact) and releases the mechanical spring energy to move the shaft and change the contact position. An operator can reset the device manually, or it can be reset remotely with the electrical reset system. It can be assembled with as many as 15 modules of four double-break, single-throw contacts, with combinations of NO or NC contacts.



    SEL Rotary Switch

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    SEL Rotary Switch
    • Rated for 30 A, 600 Vac/250 Vdc nominal
    • High breaking capacity: 8 A @ 125 Vdc, 2 A @ 250 Vdc
    • High dielectric strength: 3100 Vdc HiPot, 5 kV impulse
    • Tested to 500,000 mechanical operations and 6,000 electrical operations at breaking capacity to increase reliability, security, ease of use, and flexibility
    • Captive screws for ring or fork terminals
    • Configurable labels for maximum flexibility and safety
    • Ergonomic handles for maximum torque
    • Operating temperature: –40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F)
    • UL and seismic Class 2 certification
    • Panel mounting
    • Fast tripping
    • Up to three switches on a 19", four UR (7") rack
    • Special tools are not needed to mount, wire, and test
    • Rugged double-break, single-throw contacts
    • Rotary cam control switch designed for four independent contacts per deck
    • Contacts and indicators are compatible with ac or dc systems and loads
    • Lockout, maintained, or spring-return actions
    • Modular design that allows repeatability and increased overall product quality


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