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Transformer Protection Relay


  • TiDL-enabled relay for a digital secondary system.
  • Eight fiber ports (to connect to SEL-2240 Axion TiDL nodes) in place of the current and voltage analog inputs. Requires an Axion TiDL node (ordered separately according to your topologies). See all available topologies in the Quick-Start Guide.
  • Five-terminal transformer protection with 3 REF elements, including voltage, frequency, directional overcurrent, and volts-per-hertz elements.
  • Generator step-up protection.
  • Station phasor measurement unit.
  • Power supply: 125250 Vdc or 110240 Vac.
  • 4U chassis and horizontal rack mount.
  • 8 outputs and 7 (125 Vdc) inputs.
  • Additional 8 optoisolated independent level-sensitive inputs and 8 high-speed, high-current interrupting Form A outputs.
  • Front panel with 24 target LEDs, 12 operator control pushbuttons, and tricolor LEDs.
  • Ethernet card with two 10/100BASE-FX connectors.
  • Protocols: FTP, Telnet, DNP3 LAN/WAN, PRP, and IEC 61850 Edition 2.