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Paper-Insulated Lead-Covered Cable Faulted Circuit Indicator

PILC FCIs are applied on paper-insulated, lead-covered, underground distribution cables. PILC FCIs may be applied on a wide range of PILC configurations and applications from 2.2" to 4.64" diameter, triplexed, single-phase and three-phase sector (or round), or triplexed PILC cables.

The PILC's split-core design is quickly and easily installed without disconnecting the PILC cable. Its rugged construction is designed for use in applications with submersion of up to 15 feet of water. The PILC FCI is compatible with the RadioRANGER Wireless Fault Indication System. Used together they make fault-finding on urban systems as simple and quick as possible.

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Easy Installation and Use—Apply along segmented paper-insulated lead-covered cables (PILCs) to effectively locate faults without the need to separate or disconnect the individual phases of the cable. Optimize fault-finding time with four- or eight-hour automatic timed reset.

Cost Efficiency—As the segmented cable is gradually replaced with triplex nonlead cable, apply the same fault indicators to the triplex bundle to effectively locate faults.

Versatility—Install PILC FCIs in metropolitan areas, airports, universities, and industrial sites to quickly locate faults. When these fault indicators are used in conjunction with the RadioRANGER Fault Indication System, there is no need to open, enter, pump, or drain multiple vaults or manholes to determine fault indicator status. Troubleshooters use the information displayed on the remote fault reader to find the faulted cable section, in many cases without leaving the truck.


How To Install A PILC FCI

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How To Install A PILC FCI
  • Narrows possible fault locations to one or two spans of cable.
  • Choice of a remote target or RadioRANGER compatibility maximizes display options.
  • Sensor design accommodates PILC diameters ranging from 2.2" to 4.64".
  • Four- and eight-hour timed reset options ensure sufficient fault-finding time.
  • Split-cuff design makes installation simple.
  • Fully encapsulated circuitry and stainless steel parts withstand harsh underground environments.
  • Durable construction, 3.6 V lithium battery, and reliable circuitry provide more than 15 years of maintenance-free operation.
  • BEACON bolt display.
  • Large “L” display.
  • RadioRANGER remote fault reader display.