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BEACON Timed Reset

BTRI_IR Fault Indicators are typically installed on overhead taps, near underground transitions, at overhead midfeeder disconnects, and near unfused taps or riser poles. The BTRI_IR Fault Indicator's 1 ms response time and true timed reset functionality make it especially useful for locating momentary faults. Nominal trip ratings are factory-set to your specification. Specify an LED flash-clearing time that best coordinates with line crew response times.

A nonreplaceable battery version is available, which requires no maintenance. Manually test, activate, or clear a flashing LED using the CRSRTT tool (sold separately). Single hot stick installation and a super bright LED display make the BTRI_IR a smart choice.

Accessories and Tools for Fault Indicators and Sensors

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$120 USD

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Applicable on overhead taps, overhead-to-underground transitions, and overhead midfeeder disconnects.

No minimum load current is necessary for reset.

Time delay between system restoration and reset makes the BTRI_IR a good choice for troubleshooting momentary faults.

The inrush restraint feature allows coordinated integration with automatic reclosing schemes, preventing false tripping.

Power SourceHigh-Capacity 3.6 V Lithium Battery
Replaceable Battery2.4 Ah Cell
Nonreplaceable Battery8.5 Ah Cell
Nominal Trip Ratings50 to 1200 A
Trip Tolerance±10%
System Voltage Range (L-L)8660 V to 38 kV
Maximum Fault Current25 kA
Reset Time2, 4, 8, or Manual
Trip Response Time1 ms
DisplayFlashing Red LED
Outer Diameter Clamping Range0.30" to 1.40" (Please Specify Clamping Diameter or Range When Ordering.)
Clamp MaterialStainless-Steel Clamp With a UV-Stabilized Rubber Sleeve
Approximate Weight400 g (0.88 lbs)


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