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Underground AutoRANGER

The Underground AutoRANGER's Dynamic Delayed Trip feature improves coordination with upstream protection, maximizing reliable performance.

Accessories and Tools for Fault Indicators and Sensors

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Underground Fault Detection—Find faults quickly on underground distribution systems with AR-URD Underground AutoRANGERs. Different display options provide flexibility for pad-mounted or vault installations. Line-powered and restoration reset features add reliable performance for any application.

Subsurface Vaults—Expand the benefits of the AR-URD to subsurface vaults using the RadioRANGER Wireless Fault Indication System. The RadioRANGER System allows remote retrieval of the fault indicator status without accessing every vault, minimizing patrol time.

Underground Reliability Improvement—Increase reliability on underground distribution circuits by installing the underground AutoRANGER in the following applications:

  • Pad-mounted transformers.
  • Pad-mounted switchgear.
  • Subsurface vaults.
  • Junction boxes.
  • Unfused taps.
  • Midfeeder disconnect or sectionalizers.
  • Long feeders.


How To Install Underground AutoRANGER Fault Indicator With Fiber-optic Beacon Display

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How To Install Underground AutoRANGER Fault Indicator With Fiber-optic Beacon Display
  • BEACON bolt display.
  • Standard “V” display.
  • Large “L” display.
  • RadioRANGER remote fault reader display.
  • 1BARUZR.
Trip Thresholds50 to 1200 A
Voltage RangeEqual to Voltage Class of Shielded Underground Cable
Minimum Operating Current3 A
Current-Activated Timed Reset0, 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours
Battery (for BEACON LED Display Only)3.6 V High-Capacity Lithium Battery With a 20-Year Shelf Life
Trip Response TimeFunction of Trip Threshold
Inrush Restraint Response Time5 Cycles