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acSELerator RTAC Software

acSELerator RTAC SEL-5033 Software is a graphical, easy-to-use tool that helps users quickly and easily configure the SEL RTAC.

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Included in the price of an SEL RTAC

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Request a Follow-Up

Create, edit, store, and transfer RTAC project settings.

Configure and store customized templates for frequently used devices.

Use the full-featured IEC 61131 logic programming environment (included) to develop custom programs.

Test and commission systems with online viewing and forcing of data values.

Receive software and device definition file updates delivered to your computer on a schedule that you choose through SEL Compass Software.

Automate routine functions using the command-line interface.


Note: Enhancements to acSELerator RTAC Software version 1.15.5816.1142 or later require a full setting download before going online with a project created in version 1.14.xxxx.xxxx or in earlier software. A full setting download will disable the RTAC momentarily.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Download the acSELerator RTAC library extensions, and take advantage of the flexibility that the SEL RTAC product line provides for your automation and integration applications. These library extensions are prebuilt code components for the advanced users of the SEL RTAC. Once downloaded, the instruction manuals for each of the library extensions will be accessible via the acSELerator RTAC help menu.

You can find the instruction manuals for the general purpose and optional libraries in the Programming Reference.

General Purpose Toolbox Libraries (Complimentary)

AnalogCondProcess analog quantities and digital filtering.
CrossTaskDataShare data between Main and Automation tasks.
ChannelMonitoringProvide alerts when a channel deviates from user-defined parameters.
DescriptiveDataInterpret and manage data structures formatted in common exchange formats.
DictionariesCreate lookup tables for fast data retrieval.
DynamicVectorsStore an arbitrary number of items, such as an automatically resizing array.
EmailSend alerts and notifications from an RTAC to a mail server.
FaultLocationPerform distance-to-fault calculations and determine fault types using Axion COMTRADE records.
IPAliasRedundancyShare a single IP between two RTACs in a redundancy scheme by using an IP alias.
MathComplexPerform mathematical operations on values with real and imaginary components.
MathMatrixPerform common matrix operations.
PacketEncodingsSerialize and deserialize information to/from a socket connection.
PowerMeteringPerform energy and demand calculations.
PowerSystemProtectionIdentify fault conditions, and unlock the potential of the SEL-2245-42 AC Protection Module.
QueueKeep track of ordered lists of objects.
QuickSortSort objects.
RecordingTriggersDetect specific conditions in analog and digital signals to initiate the capture of data.
SELEthernetControllerManage both UDP and TCP raw socket connections.
SELRandGenerate random numbers.
SELServerSimulatorsSimulate an SEL-351 client.
SELStringCombine and split strings in constant time.
SnmpLiteIdentify and troubleshoot network connectivity.
SyslogCollectorReceive Syslog messages from other devices.

Optional Value-Added Automation Solutions

To select any of the following libraries, choose the library as an option in the RTAC hardware configuration.

LibraryApplication/DetailsDependency Libraries
Grid Connection Control 5 MWControl the point of common coupling (PCC) between the utility and inverter-based resources for sites up to 5 MW.Dynamic Disturbance Recorder, File I/O
Horizon SVP PlusTurn the RTAC into a synchrophasor vector processor. Detect the onset of uncontrolled wide-area oscillations with SVPplus modal analysis.None
Horizon Power System ModelResolve synchrophasor data streams using a model of the power system.File I/O
Dynamic Disturbance RecorderCollect data from within the logic engine to generate Sequence of Events (SOE), time-aligned CSV, and COMTRADE files in the RTAC.File I/O
Meter Trend RecorderRecord analog data in the RTAC, and send data to acSELerator Team SEL-5045 and acSELerator Meter Reports SEL-5630 Software for analysis.File I/O
Report Generator/EmailPlus ClientGenerate custom reports from data available from the RTAC's logic engine. It is bundled with a fully featured email client that integrates into secure email systems. File I/O
FTP SyncConnect to established S/FTP server infrastructure and automatically push files from the RTAC file system to remote destinations. File I/O
File I/ORead and write files to the RTAC file system. It includes a built-in SFTP/FTP client for sending and receiving files and provides programmatic access to fault and SOE records.None
ConditionMonitoringCollect and monitor asset health information to assist in NERC PRC-005 compliance.File I/O

Engineering Services Libraries (Contact Engineering Services for ordering information.)

Distribution AutomationFault location, isolation, restoration, and volt-VAR control of distribution feeders
Ground Fault DetectionGround fault identification for ungrounded power systems
Falling Conductor Mitigation Using synchrophasors to detect and mitigate broken and falling conductor scenarios