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Three-Phase Voltage Reset

  • No batteries required.
  • Voltage powered from basic insulating plug (BIP).
  • No T-body capacitive test point required.
  • Automatic reset on BIP voltage restoration.
  • Energy harvesting is independent of load current.

Accessories and Tools for Fault Indicators and Sensors

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Fault Indicator for Wind Farms—Determine fault location and restore operations in wind farm collector systems. Wind turbine outputs are fed through a transformer and distributed overhead or underground to a collector substation. The voltage will then be stepped up by the collector substation transformer to the utility transmission voltage. A single fault can disable from one to an entire line of turbines. SEL fault indicators help operations personnel quickly determine the location of the fault, isolate the faulted section, and restore the balance of the wind farm. Apply the 3VR Three-Phase Voltage Reset to a 600 A class basic insulating plug that has capacitive test points.

Low Load Current—Install 3VRs where there is insufficient load current to power a current reset fault indicator. These sensors use voltage for power and reset.

Power SourceCapacitive Test Point of BIP
Nominal Trip Rating1200 A and 1500 A
Trip Tolerance±10 Percent
Voltage Class35 kV
ResetAutomatic on Restoration of Primary Voltage
Reset Time3 Minutes Typical
Maximum Fault Current25 kA
Trip Response Time24 ms Delayed Trip
Inrush Restraint Response Time300 ms
Housing Material (Voltage Pickup Interface)Conductive EPDM Rubber
Clamping Range0.75" to 2.10" (Please Specify Clamping Range When Ordering. An Optional Larger Clamp Is Available.)


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