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The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Latest Software Versions Tabbed Test

Latest Software Versions

SEL software is digitally signed. To learn how this enables you to verify that SEL software is authentic and intact, visit the Verifying SEL Software Authenticity page.

Table For Mobile

Product NumberProduct DescriptionUS SafetyUS HazLocUS MarineCAN SafetyCAN HazLocEU Safety, EMC, LaserEU HazLocAU/NZ Safety
SEL-300GGenerator RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-311CTransmission Protection SystemUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-311LLine Current Differential Protection and Automation SystemUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-351Protection SystemUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-351AProtection SystemUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-351SProtection SystemUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-352Breaker Failure RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387Current Differential and Overcurrent RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387ACurrent Differential and Overcurrent RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387ECurrent Differential and Voltage RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387LLine Current Differential RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-401Protection, Automation, and Control Merging UnitUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-411LLine Differential Protection, Automation and Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-421Protection, Automation, and Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-451Protection, Automation, and Bay Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-487BBus Differential and Breaker Failure RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-487ETransformer Protection RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-487VCapacitor Protection and Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-T400LTime-Domain Line ProtectionUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-T4287Traveling-Wave Test SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-501Dual Universal Overcurrent RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-547Distributed Generator Interconnection Relay (RU)UL  CSA CE RCM
SEL-551Overcurrent/Reclosing RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-551COvercurrent/Reclosing Relay UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-587Current Differential RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-587ZHigh-Impedance Differential RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-700GGenerator Protection RelayULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-701Motor Protection Relay (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-710Motor Protection Relay ULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-710-5Motor Protection Relay ULUL1 ULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-734Advanced Metering SystemULUL1ABSULUL1CE RCM
SEL-734BAdvanced Monitoring and Control SystemULUL1 ULUL1CE RCM
SEL-734TAdvanced Digital TransducerULUL1 ULUL1CE RCM
SEL-735Advanced Metering SystemULUL1 ULUL1CE RCM
SEL-751Feeder Protection RelayULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-787Transformer Protection RelayULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-2032Communications Processors (cRUus)UL ABSUL    
SEL-2100Logic ProcessorUL ABSUL    
SEL-2240Axion Distributed Control and Integration PlatformUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2242Backplane ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2243Power CouplerUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2244-2, -3Axion System 24 DI or 16 DO ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2244-5Axion System 10 Fast High-Current DO ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-2DC Analog Input ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-22DC Analog Input ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2245-3DC Analog Output ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-4AC Metering ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-42AC Protection ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2245-411Standard Current and Low-Voltage (LEA) Monitoring ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2401Standard Current and Low-Voltage (LEA) Monitoring Module     CE RCM
SEL-2407Satellite-Synchronized ClockUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2411Programmable Automation ControllerULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-2411PPump Automation ControllerULUL1 ULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-2440DPAC Discrete Programmable Automation ControllerUL ABSULUL1CE RCM
SEL-2488 Satellite-Synchronized Network ClockUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2505Remote I/O ModuleUL ABSUL    
SEL-2506Rack-Mount Remote I/O ModuleUL  UL    
SEL-2507High-Speed Remote I/O ModuleUL  UL    
SEL-2515Remote I/O ModuleUL ABSUL    
SEL-2516Rack-Mount Remote I/O ModuleUL ABSUL    
SEL-2522Alarm PanelUL  UL    
SEL-2523Annunciator PanelUL ABSUL    
SEL-2533Annunciator PanelUL ABSUL    
SEL-2595Teleprotection Terminal     CE  
SEL-2600Remote RTD ModuleULUL1ABSULUL1   
SEL-2664Field Ground ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2664SStator Ground Protection RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-27252Five-Port Ethernet SwitchUL  UL    
SEL-2730MManaged Ethernet Switch (cRUus)UL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2730U Unmanaged Ethernet Switch (cRUus)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2740SSoftware Defined Network SwitchUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2800Fiber-Optic Transceivers     CE RCM
SEL-2810Fiber-Optic Transceivers With IRIG-B     CE RCM
SEL-2812Fiber-Optic Transceivers With IRIG-B     CE RCM
SEL-2814Fiber-Optic Transceivers With Hardware Flow Control     CE RCM
SEL-2829Single-Mode Fiber-Optic Transceiver/Modem     CE RCM
SEL-2830Single-Mode Fiber-Optic Transceiver/Modem     CE RCM
SEL-2831Single-Mode Fiber-Optic Transceiver/Modem     CE RCM
SEL-2894Interface Converter     CE RCM
SEL-3025Serial Shield - RecognizedUL  UL    
SEL-3031Serial Radio TransceiverUL  UL    
SEL-3355Rack-Mount ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3355-2Rack-Mount ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360ECompact Industrial ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360E-2Compact Industrial ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360SCompact Industrial Computer StandardUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360S-2Compact Industrial Computer StandardUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3390E4Network Adapter Card (cRUus)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3390S8Serial Adapter Card (cRUus)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3421Motor Relay HMIUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3505Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3505-3Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3530Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-3555,-2Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3610Port ServerUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-3620Ethernet Security GatewayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-3622Security GatewayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-8001ICON 19-Inch ChassisUL  UL    
SEL-8002ICON 8-Inch Cube ChassisUL  UL    
SEL-8011-01High Voltage AC Power Supply (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-8011-02High Voltage AC/DC Power Supply (CRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-8011-03Low Voltage DC Power Supply (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-8021-01Protect Line Module (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-8030-01Server Module (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-8035-01Ethernet Access Module (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-9192Utility Grade USB ModemUL  UL    
SEL-9321Low-Voltage DC Power Supply (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-932215Vdc Power SupplyUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9330AHigh Voltage AC/DC Power Supply (cRUus)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9330CLow Voltage DC Power Supply (cRUus)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9331AHigh-Voltage AC/DC Power Supply (cRUus)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9331BLow-Voltage DC Power SupplyUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9502Contact Arc Suppressor (cRUus)UL  UL    
SEL-9510Control Switch ModuleUL  UL    
SEL-9524GNSS Antenna     CE RCM
FR12Fault Transmitter     CE RCM
FR50Receiver System     CE RCM