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Dr. Yuehwern Yih

Professor of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
Academic Director, LASER PULSE Consortium
Associate Director, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

Dr. Yuehwern Yih is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University and also serves as the Academic Director of LASER PULSE Consortium and the Associate Director of Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering. Her core research is system modeling and evidence-based decision making for complex system and operation design, monitoring, evaluation, and risk mitigation. Applications of her research include manufacturing, supply chains, humanitarian aids, healthcare, and global development challenges.

Dr. Yih has authored more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters. One of her edited books, Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems, is the first handbook depicting health services from a system perspective. Her current projects include capacity management in health facilities, care transitions in long-term care, polypharmacy and multimorbidity, disparity in cancer treatment, EMS protocols for stroke care, and Vancomycin management for pediatric patients. In addition to her research and teaching awards, Dr. Yih is also recognized by her scholarship in engagement and its impacts. Examples include an integrated nutrition and food distribution system that supported 38,000 HIV patients in Kenya each year and a supply chain system (E+TRA Health) for medical supplies in Uganda that is the first to use a patient-based model to derive supply management decisions. Dr. Yih is an IISE Fellow and an ELATE Fellow.