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Peter Waldrab

Director of Engineering and Project Delivery
PPL Electric Utilities

Peter Waldrab is the Director of Engineering and Project Delivery at PPL Electric Utilities (PPL EU). Peter started his career in industrial research with GE and DuPont developing novel sensors and power conversion systems before moving to the electric utility industry 13 years ago. Since 2010, he has worked for PPL EU in engineering leadership roles across the transmission and distribution systems. In that time, he has supported development and implementation of PPL EU’s award-winning distribution smart grid system and a historic reinvestment in PPL EU’s transmission system. Peter leads PPL EU’s transmission engineering department, with responsibility for engineering of transmission lines, substations, protection and control systems, environmental permitting, and right-of-way. A graduate of Penn State University and Drexel University, Peter is a husband, father of three, licensed engineer in the state of Pennsylvania, and an avid explorer.