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Alexandra Vazquez

Transmission Manager
Duke Energy

Alexandra (Alex) Vazquez is a Duke Energy Transmission Manager overseeing one of the asset management technical support teams. She leads two distinct enterprise teams—the critical parts coordinator team and the spill prevention control and countermeasure team. She has a diverse background, starting her career in Duke Energy within the Nuclear Generation Business Unit. She has excelled at understanding and leading within the nuclear generating industry and possesses a strong knowledge of maintenance and engineering operations. She is a past Chairman of the Reactor Coolant Working Group, a subcommittee of the Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group, and has served on the Board of Directors for the National American Young Generation in Nuclear. She has supported multiple industry groups such as the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, Nuclear Energy Institute, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Women in Nuclear, and numerous other committees. She received her mechanical engineering degree from the University of Central Florida and her Senior Reactor Operator Certification from Catawba Nuclear Station.