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The Beginnings of Great Ideas

Great ideas are the result of creativity, collaboration, and looking at a problem from an entirely new perspective. They are not limited by the boundaries of industry, and they are what move us to action, progress, and innovation. That’s why SEL created the Modern Solutions Power Systems Conference (MSPSC).

Whether you work in transmission, distribution, generation, planning, or regulation, your work both affects and depends on others—it’s crucial to have open communication between industries to generate and share ideas.

MSPSC is the conference that pushes you to think broader, think forward, and think differently about today’s critical issues affecting modern power systems. That’s what sets it apart.

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“The value of MSPSC is that it causes you to rise to the occasion. It stimulates, provokes, and challenges your own thinking. And when you leave, you've made relationships that allow you to continue the conversation outside the room. So even though it only happens once a year, MSPSC has an enduring, lasting value.”

—2017 Keynote Speaker, Chris Inglis, Deputy Director, National Security Agency (2006–2014)

Service—For Our Customers, Industry, and World

When someone talks about service, many people think of and stop at customer service. However, true service is more expansive and goes deeper than that simple phrase.

Service is about bringing convenience to people’s lives, making them feel comfortable and safe whether that’s in a hotel, a business transaction, a process, or their own home. There might be no greater overlooked comfort today than the experience of reliable electric power—always ready, whenever you want it.

In the electric power industry, true service means providing what the customer wants and expects, establishing and keeping relationships, maintaining quality products, and instilling trust. Most critically, service means solving the difficult problems so that we can experience a better world.

Are we hitting the mark?

At MSPSC 2018, we will discuss different angles of service related to regulation, cyber insecurity, communications, and more, and plan for a future that maintains our service legacy.