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Streamline NERC PRC-027 Compliance

Streamline NERC PRC-027 Compliance

Is your protection system fully compliant with the latest regulatory standard, NERC PRC-027?

SEL utilizes automated solutions and a team of dedicated experts to guarantee long-term compliance to PRC-027 while maintaining thorough protection for your system assets. At every step along the way, our engineers provide audit-ready documentation and on-demand support.

SEL Engineering Services Can Help

PRC-027 entails three key requirements: developing a process for protection system settings improvement, conducting regular protection system coordination studies, and utilizing the developed process to make active system improvements. Our Engineering Services team will help you:

  • Establish a dependable and actionable compliance process and roadmap.
  • Ensure continuous compliance as your power system expands and changes.
  • Mitigate compliance issues and ensure high levels of system reliability.

To learn more, view our webinar with SEL presenters Rajesh Arumugam, Brent Hemrich, and Sneha Vasudevan as they discuss how the industry can comply with NERC PRC-027 requirements using automated compliance solutions from SEL.


Additionally, visit our NERC PRC Compliance page or view our PRC-027 flyer to learn more about our compliance process.

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