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The New SEL Redundant Power Module

The New SEL Redundant Power Module

Ensure the Reliability of DC Supply Systems

The dc control power supply is one of the most critical components for protective relaying and control systems, yet in many cases it’s not redundant.

A momentary interruption or voltage sag in the dc supply system can cause protection and control equipment to shut down, leaving critical equipment vulnerable and unprotected while those devices restart.

Even worse, a fault on the station battery dc system—including unresolved battery charger failures—can lead to a complete loss of power to protection and control equipment, preventing the equipment from detecting faults and tripping breakers.

The new SEL-RPM Redundant Power Module combines multiple available sources in the substation into one reliable control power source. This ensures uninterrupted ride through for protection and control equipment in the event of voltage sags, momentary interruptions, or complete loss of control power.

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