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Six Feet Apart. One Community at Heart.

SEL is proud to be part of diverse communities around the world. From our headquarters in Pullman, Washington, to the beautiful landscape of Perth, Australia, all of our communities are great places to live and work! But right now, we are all being challenged. With the increase in COVID-19 cases, it’s more important than ever for all of us to work together to protect our way of life and our communities around the world.

We created the In This Together campaign to remind ourselves and others about how we can fight this virus, help keep our friends and neighbors safe (especially those who are most vulnerable), and get back to normal as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Testing 101

The SEL Health Clinic’s Dr. Keith Gautreaux shares valuable knowledge regarding COVID-19 testing. Watch to learn about the likelihood of testing positive, the differences between antigen (rapid) and PCR tests, and more!

Fall COVID-19 Update

SEL Medical Director Keith Gautreaux teams up with Whitman County Director of Public Health Troy Henderson to provide an informational health update to SEL employees about COVID and preventative measures we can all take to control the spread (and why they work!).

Dr. Gautreaux and Director Henderson walk through valuable medical explanations on multiple topics, including virus reproduction rates, virus shedding, the difference between COVID-19 and SARS, contact tracing, vaccination trials, and COVID testing.

In This Together Public Service Announcement

Alex Pan, ASWSU director of community affairs (and SEL accounting intern), joins Dr. Ed Schweitzer, SEL president and chief technology officer, to share a message about preventing the spread of COVID-19. Listen to it here.

Ed Schweitzer

Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer, III

President and Chief Technology Officer

Alex Pan

Alexander Pan

Accounting/Finance Intern

In This Together SEL Employee Testimonials

SEL employees from around the company provided video testimonials to share what they love about their community. Watch them here.

How COVID-19 Spreads

What to Do if You Are Sick

How to Protect Yourself and Others

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